How Long Does Beer Last After Its Expiration Date?

Most beers last beyond the expiration date printed on the package. When stored at room temperature, you can expect the beer to last six to nine months past the expiration date. Cooling increases this period of time up to two years. The short answer is yes, beer expires.

But to say that expired beer is a little misleading, it doesn't really become unsafe to drink it, it just starts to taste unattractive or flat. To help you answer questions about how long your beer lasts, here is a short guide that answers your main questions. Kept in a dark and cold place, such as a fridge, the bottled beer will last up to 6 months. Stored hot bottled beer can spoil in as little as 3 months.

Beer lasts between 6 and 9 months beyond the dates indicated on the label. The beer eventually runs out of water and tastes bad. Follow our suggestions to keep yours fresh for as long as possible. How long does pasta last? In general, it lasts only as long as the ingredient expires fastest in the recipe. With a little extra care in storing your beer, you can help it last as long as possible and enjoy the maximum taste of your favorite beers.

Like a good wine, a corked beer works best at temperatures around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cold enough to slow down the aging process, but hot enough to maintain reasonable humidity for the cork. Also known as the expiration date or expiration date, these are guidelines rather than a sacred law on when to throw away beer. Needless to say, a hot car trunk or a sunny kitchen counter are some of the worst places to drink beer, so keep that time to a minimum. You can generally expect low-alcohol beers to be good for the first 6 months after being bottled. Beer should always be stored in an upright position to slow down the oxidation process and avoid contamination of the lid. It's usually okay to drink beer after the expiration date, but the taste of hops will fade and strange flavors will develop the longer the beer passes. It is possible to store beer between six and nine months after the expiry date at room temperature.

Although many beer drinkers blame warm temperatures for “skunking”, this particular type of bad taste is actually caused by exposure to direct sunlight. After drinking a beer at a new local brewery that tasted a little weird, I did a thorough research to see if this beer would be the reason for my untimely death. Brewers work to make beer last as long as possible and have some important advantages: the alcohol content, the low pH of the beer and the antimicrobial activity of hops. When you open the bottle, you will hear the normal sound of psssst indicating that your beer is fresh and ready to drink. That said, an old beer expired a few years ago is not right, since its entire structure could have changed.