What Beer is Similar to Chang? A Guide to the Best Thai Beers

Chang is a lager beer that is comparable to Singha in terms of strength, but has a much more traditional taste. It is similar to other popular beers such as Tiger, Budweiser and Tsingdao. Leo is the most popular beer in Thailand, with almost 54% of the market share. It is made by the same company as Singha, Boon Rawd Brewery.

Leo is often referred to as the best-kept secret, but with half the beer sales in Thailand, it's perhaps just a secret for tourists. If you're looking for a pale beer, some conventional options would be Stella Artois, Heineken and Harp. You can also try some American artisan pilsners like Mama's Little Yella by Oskar Blues, Noble Pils by Sam Adams, or Prima Pils by Victory for something a bit more bitter. When it comes to Chang beer, first impressions are OK.

Being a lager beer, it has no flavor but the aftertaste is not as horrible as other beers. If you want to try some of Thailand's craft beers, you can only do it in small breweries since bottling is very restricted. Singha Lite is a much lighter tasting beer than the original Singha and it's not as popular in Thailand since it's like drinking a diluted version of real beer. When it comes to beer pairing, you can't go wrong with the local options available such as Leo, Chang and Singha.

Phuket beer is an excellent choice and is mainly found in Phuket, although it is brewed at the San Miguel Brewery north of Bangkok. Thai Amarit Bangkok is another popular pale lager beer found mainly in Bangkok that is brewed for export. For many beer lovers, Singha is obviously the best beer since it is a 100% barley malt beer with a rich body and strong taste. However, it's still more expensive than local beer so you're pretty much only paying for the name. Brewed just north of Bangkok but aiming to maintain the relaxed atmosphere of Phuket, this beer is popular with travelers to Thailand. If you are visiting Thailand and want to try the best of what the country has to offer, you can't go wrong drinking one of the beers from above.

While the three Thai beers differ slightly in taste and strength, they can all be described as clear and crunchy lager beers.