What is the alcohol content of devil's peak beer?

Rating 3, 5 (49), 21 Devil's Peak Brewing Company of Cape Town, Western Cape, in Untappd. And it's still South Africa's most awarded craft beer. Enjoy the intoxicating aromas and intense flavors of perfection, juicy and doubly dry with hops. The best thing is to enjoy it fresh: just as our brewer conceived it, great beer does not wait for anyone.

Devil's Peak Brewing Company was born in the craft beer revolution, where it is proud to participate in educating South African beer consumers about the variety and quality that exist in the beer scene. Devil's Peak Lite is designed for true beer lovers, active and calorie-conscious, but who haven't lost their passion for fun, socializing and relaxing. But do you want the true taste of an authentic, top-quality craft beer? With those flavors, aromas and mouthfeel of crisp, hop-flavored beer.