What is special about heineken silver?

This removes harsh-tasting proteins and tannins, leaving a delightfully refreshing flavor that's accessible and easy to drink.

Heineken Silver

is made with malted barley, water and a small but significant additional ingredient, Heineken's exclusive A yeast. In addition, it is made to create an intense flavor without a bitter end, while remaining faithful to Heineken's passion for quality and commitment to top quality ingredients. Heineken Silver, the most anticipated product launch in the company's history, takes center stage as a new premium option in the light beer category, which accounts for nearly half of U.S.

beers. U.S. Heineken Silver will be available nationwide this spring in 12 oz thin cans, 12 oz bottles, and 24 oz cans. Presenting the product as a “low-carb and low-calorie” addition to its range in the country, the Dutch brewer said that Heineken Silver was ideal for the US market.

With 4% alcohol by volume (ABV), Heineken Silver is made specifically for the American palate with a more accessible flavor profile and 3.2 g of carbohydrates and 95 calories in a 12-ounce serving.