Are you supposed to bounce the ball in beer pong?

Bouncing is a good strategy if a) you're good at it and b) the other team isn't paying attention. Although the cups start out in the shape of a pyramid, they don't necessarily stay that way. As there are more holes in the pyramid due to the removal of the cups, it becomes more difficult to shoot. Grabbing, hitting, touching with your fingers, and throwing gunshots (some house rules count shooting with a trick as two cups instead of one that you decide).

Beer Pong has slightly different rules everywhere it is played. Each table is slightly different and what is allowed changes from place to place. But there are some rules in beer pong that are generally followed. The Beer Pong World Series has a list of rules and regulations.

While some of them apply only to their games, their general rules are a reliable source. If you have any questions about the specific terms used in the rules, check out the definitions of beer pong. If the cup is still on the beer pong table and both balls land on it, only 3 cups (2 additional cups chosen by the defending team) are worth. If you want to party, Entropy Bar offers drinks at affordable prices and even offers beer pong.

Place ten cups (usually 18 oz or 16 oz) in the shape of a pyramid, as shown in the diagram, on each side of a beer pong table (usually about 8 feet long). Beer Pong is usually played by teams of two, in which each team takes turns throwing a ping-pong ball into the other team's glasses. If you've ever been to a college party or been playing before, chances are you've played or watched a game of beer pong.