How much is beer in africa?

The Czech Republic has the highest consumption rate, with 468. In South Africa, beer costs around R25 per 330ml bottle, on average. The report also notes that most countries with low beer intake can credit their predominantly Muslim populations for abstinence. Beer prices were calculated using the average price of local and imported 330ml draft beers from several major hotel chains and stores in each city, without considering purchasing power. The website obtained its findings by looking at the prices of a 330ml bottle of beer in supermarkets around the world, using online stores.

That way, the team could calculate an average value based on the lower and upper ranges of bottled beers. The ten countries with the highest average annual beer bill have beer that costs more than four dollars each. The European ticketing and travel comparison site, GoEuro, has compiled a beer price index, which shows which cities in the world give you the most beer for your money. While the figures are a direct conversion to dollars, when purchasing power is taken into account, local beer is even cheaper.

The cost wondered to what extent the cost of beer differs from country to country and the effect that the price of beer has on domestic consumption. Most countries with low beer consumption can give credit to their predominantly Muslim population for abstinence. In a cost-of-living study compiled by Deutsche Bank earlier this year, the group found that a beer in Cape Town represents 27% of the price it would pay in New York (the standard measure). The investigation also revealed that South Africans are the ninth largest beer drinkers in the world, while Haiti drinks less beer, counted by bottle or by expense.

According to Expensivity, beers in other countries are much more expensive than in South Africa (having done all the difficult things to exchange).