Does stella artois contain dairy?

The ultra-popular Stella Artois is also, you guessed it, totally vegan. It doesn't contain any of the dairy products, honey, jelly, seashells, egg whites, or other surprising ingredients found in many beers. In addition, all InBev beers are suitable for vegans, with the only exceptions of Stella Artois Apple Cider and Boddingtons — Cask Conditioned. So stay here to learn what we found out about this beer, what Budweiser has to say about it and to know that Stella Artois is safe for vegan diets.

Over the years, many people have contacted Anheuser-Busch InBev to ask if Stella Artois is a vegan beer. Today, Stella Artois is produced in various parts of the world, such as in its country of origin, Belgium, and in the United Kingdom. With more than 600 years of brewing tradition in every cup, Stella Artois deserves to be served to perfection. Stella Artois started with 5.2% alcohol in Belgium, but was later reduced in other markets to meet the standards of their respective countries.

Heineken and Stella Artois have mastered the art of lager beer and are unlikely to be defeated anytime soon. The stem, engraved with the star Stella Artois, offers a place to hold the chalice so that the precious contents remain cold for longer.