Does heineken beer have no sugar?

Heineken's 0.0 sugar content is extremely low, only 4.29 grams per can. If you look at the calories in the Heineken 0.0, you'll find 69.3 calories per can. Heineken 0.0 went on sale in Australia last week with zero alcohol and only 69 calories per bottle. However, although the alcohol-free version has 20% fewer calories than its medium-strength version, it contains 188% more carbohydrates, including the equivalent of one teaspoon of what are known as “sugars”.

Overall, Heineken alcohol-free beer is a healthier option than its alcoholic counterpart. It contains fewer calories, carbohydrates and sugar than its alcoholic version. In addition, it does not contain alcohol, which means that there is no risk of poisoning or significant health risks associated with its consumption. In a series of emails, a Heineken spokesperson confirmed that Heineken 0.0 is mixed with natural flavorings.