How many cups must be made in order for a team to win a game of beer pong?

The standard rule of beer pong is to grab a rack with 6 cups. The Solo or Dixie 16-ounce glasses are the ones most beer pong players choose. These glasses have rigid lines, which can help you accurately measure the amount of beer (or other beverage) in the glasses. Fill each cup to a quarter of its capacity.

In situations where the table is shorter, lower, or the teams are unevenly matched, smaller cups can be used. Beer Pong is usually played on an eight-foot by two-foot table with ten cups arranged in a triangle shape at each end. Teams of one or two players take turns throwing a ping-pong ball into the opposing team's cups. If a shot is thrown (thrown directly or bounced off a cup), the opposing team removes the cup and consumes it.

The goal is to eliminate all of your opponent's cups before your own. The winning team reserves the right to stay and play at the table. The losers find another team to replace them, although, usually, there is a line of people ready to play. Simple, right? Well, unfortunately, that's where the simplicity ends.

If you're an inveterate and experienced player and want to follow the official rules, check out the Beer Pong World Series (WSOBP) game rules. Beer pong is a popular drinking game, a competitive “team sport” and a way of life for weekend lovers. The two different basic options a beer pong player has in attack are the standard shot and the rebound shot. Place ten cups (usually 18 oz or 16 oz) in the shape of a pyramid, as shown in the diagram, on each side of a beer pong table (usually about 8 feet long).

The standard rule of beer pong is to take one rack to reposition 6 cups and the other when there are 2 or 3 cups left. Beer Pong is usually played in teams of two, in which each team takes turns throwing a ping-pong ball into the other team's glasses. If you want to party, Entropy Bar offers drinks at affordable prices and even offers beer pong.