What alcohol is good for beer pong?

Obviously that's not the case, but sometimes it seems that Bud Light was created to be drunk with red Solo cups.

Coors Light is soft, refreshing and perfect for beer pong.

The house beer tastes like summer in a can. Beer pong goes well with Coors Light, as it's soft and refreshing. Although it has a strong malty flavor, it's not at all heavy (hence the “light” label).

It's a slight improvement over brands like Bud Light and Natty Light. Place ten cups (usually 18 oz or 16 oz) in the shape of a pyramid, as shown in the diagram, on each side of a beer pong table (usually about 8 feet long). Fill each glass with the desired amount of beer (or another type of alcohol or even water if you so wish). Traditionally, two 12-ounce beers are used to fill the ten cups, but this amount can vary depending on how much you want to drink.

The Solo or Dixie 16-ounce glasses are the ones most beer pong players choose. These glasses have rigid lines, which can help you accurately measure the amount of beer (or other beverage) in the glasses. Fill each cup to a quarter of its capacity. In situations where the table is shorter, lower, or the teams are unevenly matched, smaller cups can be used.

If you want to party, Entropy Bar offers drinks at affordable prices and even offers beer pong. The two different basic options a beer pong player has in attack are the standard shot and the rebound shot. The players of the drinking game known as “beer pong” hit beer glasses with ping pong balls when they cross a table. Beer Pong is usually played by teams of two, in which each team takes turns throwing a table tennis ball into the other team's cups.

For example, if you're looking for a beer that gives you more control and precision when shooting, a lighter beer is usually ideal.