What are the best dutch beer brands?

Nothing compares to having a Heineken or a Brewerij't Ij along a canal. Sorry, London pubs and Munich breweries. There's something about the freshness and culture of the Amsterdam beer scene that makes everything go well for me. So right now I'm drinking a Heineken, imagining that I'm back in Amsterdam, enjoying the canals, the architecture and the history all in one fell swoop.

Brouwerij Troost's original faucet room began in the De Pijp branch, in the center of Amsterdam, and a wide range of beers are brewed there. Known for their dark beers, such as the “Gouden Carolus Tripel”, you can find their craft beer in several local bars. They also have a great selection of food and are known for their great atmosphere. Brouwerij Troost has three fantastic sites in Amsterdam, and we would recommend them to beer lovers.

Finally, its Keller bar serves German-style beers and good food in a cozy basement. As you can see, Brouwerij Troost offers something for everyone, so be sure to add it to your list of places to visit in Amsterdam if you like to drink craft beer. Two Chefs Brewing is a small microbrewery based in Amsterdam, and their specialty beers are some of the most experimental and difficult to find in the city. The brewing team likes to play with different flavors and ingredients, so you'll never know exactly what you'll get when you order one of their beers.

Walhalla is a good way to differentiate yourself from the typical pale lagers offered by beer giants Bavaria, Grolsch, Amstel and Heineken. Walhalla is a small local craft brewery with an El Rey tavern that you already know. There's a reason Heineken has an entire museum for its beer. While you can't visit the current brewery, the Heineken Experience is a decent way to understand the impact of this beer around the world.

Obviously, Heineken is one of the things Amsterdam is famous for, but for me, it's more than just a well-known beer. It's a legacy, a history and a culture. It's probably a bit touristy, but I love to order very cold Heinekens at Dutch cafés. It costs a little more, but it ends up tasting a little different.

I will always say that Heineken knows much better in Amsterdam. If you want to go to the museum, buy your Heineken Experience tickets in advance to save money and avoid queues. You can watch our short video on YouTube about our experience at the former Heineken brewery. Personally, the best way to enjoy Heineken is along a canal.

In the United States, it's called Amstel Light; in Amsterdam, it's called Amstel. The Amstel River is iconic, and so is beer. Amstel is often overshadowed by her older brother, Heineken. But Amstel has the same class and the same character.

Heineken and Amstel are two of Amsterdam's most famous beers. Both are pale lagers and Heineken is a Dutch brand. The best craft brewery in Amsterdam is Brouwerij't IJ, as it offers the widest selection and the highest quality craft beer in the city. There are several other great craft breweries and microbreweries in Amsterdam, such as Oedipus Brewing, Brouwerij Troost, and De Prael.

The best beers in Amsterdam to try are Heineken, Amstel, Brouwerij't IJ IPA and Funky Falcon, a pale beer offered by Two Chefs. If you like craft breweries, you can plan your beer tour of Amsterdam to try the best local beers. The best beer offered by this fantastic place is Green Bullet, an IPA with hops, and Funky Frog, a sour beer with a touch of grapefruit. However, if you want to try their craft beer on tap, you'll probably find it on the menu at Flamingo, a craft beer restaurant in De Pijp.

One of the characteristics of Amstel beer is its higher degree of bitterness, compared to most Dutch beers. The Netherlands is known for its brewing and has some of the most famous beer brands in the world, but the country has already hosted more than 900 breweries due to its recent growth.