What is Craft Beer and Why Should You Try It?

Craft beer is a type of beer that is made in a traditional way, without the use of mechanization, by small breweries. It is an artisanal beverage that is made with all-natural ingredients and a dynamic brewing process that involves more steps than the usual beers found in supermarkets. Craft beer has a unique flavor that varies with each batch and requires serving at 50-55°F (10-13°C) to best appreciate its taste. The Brewers Association, a nonprofit trade group that protects and promotes small, independent American brewers, defines an American craft brewer as a small, independent brewer.

According to their statistics, craft breweries currently account for 98% of all U. S. breweries. Craft beer has several properties that differentiate it from mass-produced beer.

For example, craft breweries cannot add anything to reduce the cost of production and still be considered craft beer. Additionally, craft beer has a higher alcohol content than mass-produced beer, usually around 7%. Some craft beers even have an outrageous 40% alcohol content! Since craft beer is brewed in smaller batches with quality ingredients, it has an extraordinary taste and the highest quality. Home brewers and craft beer fans will tell you that you're missing out if you just drink Budweiser.

The new law considers breweries that produce less than six million barrels of beer a year to be artisanal. This means that craft beer has not changed until today. Another benefit of drinking craft beer is that you will likely end up drinking much less than you would normal beer due to its higher alcohol content. If you want to learn more about craft beer, the Brewers Association website provides statistics and data on the growing craft brewery segment.

You can also find courses on some aspect of craft beer, break down the ingredients in craft beers, or use an index to help you find the type of beer you're looking for.