Exploring the Rich Craft Beer Scene of South Africa

Durbanville, Western Cape, Kimberley Diamond Brewing Co. and Hogsback Brewing Co. are two of the most renowned craft breweries in South Africa. The former is known for its award-winning Jungle Paradise IPA, a double IPA with notes of peach and apricot, while the latter is famous for its Space Llama double IPA, which recently won the Best Beer in Africa award.

The Beer Route is a great way to explore the country's craft beer scene. It provides a comprehensive guide to the best craft beers in South Africa, allowing you to search by style, color or location. Woodstock Brewery in Cape Town is another popular destination for beer lovers, offering an eclectic menu and a wide range of regular and seasonal beers. African Pride India Porter by Woodstock Brewery is a collaboration with Fuller's of London Pride and is often referred to as Black IPA.

Beer tourism is a fast-growing sector in South Africa, and many companies have emerged to help guide tourists to the best taverns across the country. South African Breweries (SAB) is the second largest brewery in the world and its most popular brand is Carling Black Label, which has won 20 prestigious international beer awards. Castle Lager beer has been the predominant beer in South Africa for decades and is still very popular today. Bantu beer is another popular type of beer in South Africa, which differs from European beer in that fermentation continues until it becomes “acidic”.

Beerwanderers is an information site and tour company dedicated to helping people explore the beauty and robust flavors of quality South African craft beers. Draymans (South Africa) Altstadt Weissbier is a Bavarian-style wheat beer that has the high carbonation, crisp acidity and banana notes of a traditional weissbier.