Are there any low-alcohol beers brewed in south african breweries?

Among the non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer brands available in South Africa at the SAB stable are Castle Free and Becks' Blue, while Hansa Golden Crisp, Flying Fish CHILL LITE, Castle Lite and Lion Lager do not contain more than four percent alcohol. South African Breweries (SAB) and Corporate Image have provided the following information on alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beer first appeared in the United States during Prohibition in 1919, when it was decided that the strongest a drink could be with 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. Until recently, non-alcoholic beers from South Africa were largely limited to non-alcoholic beverages with a pale lager, with one notable exception being the Devil's Peak's Hero range.

In the past, it was said that taking samples from the Nablab range was little better than drinking flavored water, but with improvements in brewing techniques, producers can now control the amount of alcohol produced, rather than simply dealcoholizing the final product. Zoleka Lisa, vice president of corporate affairs at SAB, points out that, as an increasing number of people around the world stopped consuming their traditional alcoholic beverages, South Africa was no exception. SOUTH AFRICA — The South African beer market is slowly adopting the growing global trend of consuming alcohol-free or low-alcohol beers (Nablab), according to South African breweries (SAB). Made with a traditional brewing method using barley, wheat malt and water, the subtle fresh, fruity hops make it a popular soft drink, especially among cyclists who frequent the Paarl brewery.