What are some common drinking games that can be played after a game of beer pong has been completed?

CaptnCup, similar to Fear Pong and Kings Cup, is a card game that complements the classic Beer Pong. CaptnCup is the best option on the market for German-speaking players. If each team has two cups on one end of the table and a Beer Pong rack on the other end, the two teams will compete to clear their rack. Whether your first game of beer pong was on the unscrewed door of your college dorm closet (see you, ICU) or if you caught the last king of the King's Cup and had to drink the disgusting mix of jungle juice, beer and tequila, chances are you've run into a lot of drinking games in your life. Russian Beer Pong adds an unexpected twist to a classic game, making it both entertaining and unpredictable.

Some prefer to pour their beers into the glasses, while others use water in the glasses and drink the beer separately. Keri is a mother of dogs, an unsuccessful hula dancer and a three-time beer pong tournament champion. He has never met a dog that he doesn't love right away or a drink that he doesn't want to finish. Mad Pong, like other Beer Pong alternatives that we have presented so far, is an evolution of the original game.

Flong is a hybrid of two of the most popular games in the history of drinking games: Beer Pong and Flip Cup. Some of the best college drinking games include classics like Beer Pong and Kings, while more modern innovations, such as Slap Cup and Stack It Up, are also gaining popularity.