What are the best german beer brands?

The most popular beer brand in Germany is Krombacher, prized for its local mountain spring water, gentle mineral nutrients, and Pilsner style. While you'll see American Kölsch style beers brewed by many craft brewers in the states, for it to really be called “Kölsch”, the beer must be produced in the city of Cologne, in Germany. Although there are many worthwhile German versions, many believe that the best of all is the Gaffel Kölsch. Made according to the German Purity Law, this beer is made with brewer's yeast and left to rest in cold cellars before it is fit for consumption.

The result is a crisp, slightly floral hop beer that you won't soon forget. And although a more “contemporary” beer style can be found in Germany, many brewers follow the German Beer Purity Act or the Reinheitsgebot. The most popular beer brand in Germany is the famous Krombacher from the Krombach family, which is made with a 3-step process. However, compared to the craft beers that many American beer enthusiasts know, it's fair to say that many of the classic German styles place more emphasis on malt and all of its flavors (bread, caramel, toast) than on hops (spices, bitterness, herbaceous).

Bierstadt Lagerhaus is a brewery equipped with a weatherproof indoor garden, a community-style tavern, a brewery, and a traditional German craft beer collection in Denver, Colorado. Instead, German breweries choose select water, hops, and malt to brew their world-famous wheat beers, pale lagers, dark lagers, and wheat beers. When you imagine Germany and German beer brands, you might think of pilsner-type beers paired with sausage brats. When the Oktoberfest is over and the beer mugs are put away, it's easy to forget that the world owes much of its gratitude to Germany for creating some of the most tried and tested beer styles.

Ayinger Marzen is an award-winning traditional Bavarian beer that celebrates the autumn harvest with a beer rich in amber malt flavors for cookies and golden barley. Sure, you could spend a weekend wandering aimlessly through the corridors of your local brewery, check out the overwhelming number of beer options at an online store, catch a quick flight to Bavaria, or do the work for you. They cover the full range of German beer styles, from rauchbiers, pilsners, weissbiers, bocks and even fresh and refreshing Kölsch beers. While the oldest evidence of beer was discovered in Israel, German beer is iconic and known for its quality around the world.