Which craft breweries make some of the most unique beers in australia and new zealand?

Australian Craft Breweries · Felons Brewing Co · Hemingway's · Goodieson Brewery · BentSpoke · Matso's · Young Henry's · Moon Dog. The McLaren Vale region is proud to offer first-class wines, but among the vineyards you'll also discover the award-winning Goodieson Brewery. The owner, Jeff, combines traditional techniques with natural ingredients to serve big, bold beers. Enjoy a tasting on the terrace overlooking the extensive vineyards and a tree-lined stream.

Known for its adventurous spirit, BentSpoke in Canberra is a modern brewery filled with award-winning beers that are hard not to love. Try everything from caramel and red fruit IPAs to wheat and raspberry beer. Even better, the brewery operates with an environmentally friendly system and defends a series of practices oriented to sustainability. On the outskirts of Melbourne there are not just one, but two Moon Dog breweries.

The converted warehouses, adorned with street art and garlands of lights, are as vibrant as the beers they serve. Get ready to try eccentric flavors, such as the Peach N' Plum Sour Age beer, or choose something more elegant with the Cognac Barrel Double IPA. Ideally, a craft beer would come from an independent brewery, but many of Australasian craft beers, such as Little Creatures, Panhead, James Squire, and Mountain Goat, are now owned by multinational brewers. Everything you need to know about beer consumption in New Zealand, from the best craft brewery experiences to beer-related festivals and events.

Enjoy a beer at the country's oldest pub and learn more about New Zealand's oldest brewing region. Headquartered in Dunedin, they have been brewing excellent kiwi beer since 1992, one of the forerunners of craft beer in the country. Add in food and great music, and some things you didn't know about beer before, and you'll enjoy beer in a whole new way. Find pints galore in the city center with a beer tour, or venture to the suburbs to sample the best New Zealand beers at Auckland's many breweries.

They're right, because as the overall beer market slows (to its lowest point in 65 years, according to Deloitte), craft beer sales are booming. Don't miss out on oyster beer and salty melon beer, and you'll be served fresh draft beer made in a keg.