Is stella artois more expensive?

Stella Artois was more expensive than other beer brands because there was a higher tax on high-alcohol beverages in the United Kingdom. As you can see, Stella Artois comes in 11 ounces, so by volume, Stella Artois is the most expensive of the bunch. The brand maintains its slogan that says: “Quietly expensive”. There are a few reasons why Stella Artois is more expensive than other beer brands.

The first reason is that there is a higher tax on high-alcohol beverages in the United Kingdom. This means that Stella Artois has to pay more taxes for each bottle of beer she sells, which increases the price. The second reason is that Stella Artois is a premium beer. It is made with higher-quality ingredients than most other beers and, as a result, costs more to produce.

Finally, Stella Artois has been marketed as a premium brand and, as such, has a higher price than other beers. In international markets, Stella Artois is a kind of status symbol. Its price is a few points higher than that of other equally good pilsners and its manufacturers have not hesitated to promote it as a reassuringly expensive beer. Stella Artois advertises itself as a high-end beer brand in the global market to attract consumers.

This strategy was fruitful in many ways, since, in today's culture, the well-known lager beer is considered a representation of luxury and delicacy. There has been a significant gradual reduction in the alcohol content and the level of bitterness in Stella Artois beers. Part of the revenues obtained from the sale of Stella Artois chalice glasses manufactured especially for this purpose are used to construction systems that facilitate access to clean water for millions of people around the world. There is no doubt that Stella Artois has managed to position itself as one of the most popular lagers in the world.

By 1930, Stella Artois was already making its first forays into international markets, first in Europe and then in North America, Australia and then in the rest of the world. During this period, Stella Artois became a very popular beer in Belgium, but internationally it was marketed as a premium drink, with prices much higher than regular beer. Today, more than 90 years after the first bottles of Stella Artois were shipped from the Leuven plant to neighboring communities, several breweries have sprung up around the world dedicated to producing this popular pilsner. Outside its homeland, Belgium, Stella Artois is marketed as a premium beer in the international market.

This dilution of beer is what continues to create a chasm between those who love Stella Artois and those who don't like beer at all. Famous faces and names such as Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mindy Kaling have been linked to Stella Artois. Because of their shared passion and the dream of being the largest beer producer and brewing company, Stella Artois and Piedboeuf merged the two brands and named it Interbrew. Due to the high demand from people, the Stella Artois brewery produced other varieties of beer in addition to its world-famous Belgian pale lager beer.

When Sébastien Artois bought the brewery in 1717, almost a decade after assuming the position of principal brewer, he changed the name from Den Hoorn to Brouwerji Artois. But before it was so big, Stella Artois had to go through a lot and it didn't stay as an independent brewery because, in 1988, it merged with Piedboeuf Brewery. After the merger between Interbrew and Anheuser-Busch, brewers began distributing a Stella Artois with an alcohol level lower than 4%, which was first introduced in the United Kingdom, but is now available in much of Europe.