What beer is flying fish?

The key word to describe all Flying Fish beers is “balance”. The beers have a lot of flavor, but they are very easy to drink. The flavors harmonize, they don't fight separately. We produce a wide range of beers, from Belgian to IPA beers, aged in barrels and several special styles.

The flavors harmonize, they don't fight for individual attention. Jumping is generous, but stylish. Considering that beer is equal to, if not superior, to wine, our beers are designed to complement food. Thanks to this effort, one can walk into any fancy restaurant in the distribution area and be sure to find a Flying Fish beer available.

Flying Fish beers have won ten medals at the Great American Beer Festival, more than any other brewery in New Jersey. The business grew and Flying Fish began producing a variety of beers throughout the year, along with a variety of seasonal specialties.