Can you play beer pong without beer?

For non-drinkers, the game can be played without beer, as is done at Utah State University, where alcohol is not allowed on campus; root beer is used instead. For hygiene reasons, the game can also be played with glasses of water that the players do not drink from, but with another glass of beer or alcohol. If there is a tie (that is, each team keeps 3 of the 6 cups), you accumulate 3 cups again and the first to win 2 of the 3 cups wins.

If you like to play really big games (like building a 21-cup pyramid) or have the ability to make creative collections, you might still prefer beer pong.

Beer pong gets its name from the type of meetings from which the game evolved: loud, intoxicating meetings that seem to be the last place you would take a family to.

Traditionally, beer pong is a game for adults, so you should take care that children participate in a family outing. Juice pong is a great alternative to soda pong if you're looking for something with a little more vitamin power and a little less sugar. There are plenty of game ideas you can play during a family outing, and beer pong is especially popular. With regular beer pong, if you decide to play without beer in the glasses, you'll have to put water in their place to overwhelm them.

With the tips mentioned below, let's see how to plan the best beer pong game for the whole family. If you want the game to look a little more like traditional beer pong, you can place two free pong tables next to each other. Whether kids are playing their own game of beer pong or playing with adults, it's best to let them have their say and make decisions while you prepare for the game. Beer pong is a good drinking game, as long as you have a big table, plenty of space, and the floor won't mind getting dirty.