What state is known for craft beer?

Colorado, a craft beer giant, is one of the original brewing states. With impressive indicators in all areas (3rd in total of breweries, 5th in breweries per capita, 6th in economic impact, 3rd in barrels produced), Colorado is synonymous with craft beer. Many small producers like 4 Noses, Diebolt, Grist and Mockery call Colorado home, along with the Brewers Association and the best beer festival of all, the Great American Beer Festival. More important to the picture are the breweries that chart the course of the rest of the industry, such as Wynkoop, Breckenridge (pictured), Odell and New Belgium, as well as the giant macro-producer Coors Brewing Co.

Colorado offers plenty of opportunities to explore local craft beer for its more than 4 million drinking-age residents. While they weren't previously considered a craft beer destination, breweries are slowly emerging in Beehive State. Golden State loves good beer, which can be seen by the number of beloved craft beers in the state. And you can't blame the fans for that either, since there are only 52 craft breweries in the entire state, just 1.39 per capita, meaning there isn't much beer for everyone.

So we can't think of a better place to share what you love most than at your favorite Virginia breweries, where you can enjoy quality time with friends and family while drinking a cold craft beer. This state may seem small in the craft beer scene, but its 37 craft breweries are equivalent to approximately four per inhabitant, making it 22nd. Although Georgia is ranked 14th in terms of the total number of barrels of craft beer produced last year, it only ranks 29th in breweries per capita. In the past decade, Virginia's craft beer scene has exploded, creating beer routes and regions across the state where visitors can enjoy the local flavor.

Illinois, home of the Windy City and more than 9 million drinking-age residents, isn't kidding when it comes to craft beer. Like Tennessee, Arizona also offers weary travelers a variety of craft beer options at its airport. The state would rise much higher at the start of the craft beer boom, with breweries like Red Hook and Pyramid calling the state home. And while it's no longer independent, the state is home to Anchor, which is where America's craft beer story begins.

The Buckeye State has 365 craft breweries, enough to visit one every day of the year, but those 365 craft breweries result in a modest 24th place per capita. Overall, the state's 314 craft breweries rank 17th per capita, although the craft barrels produced rank more modestly at 30th per capita.