What are some common drinking games that can be played instead of a game of beer pong if desired or necessary?

Card Pong is a slightly different Beer Pong experience. In fact, you don't need cups or a ball. All you need is the card game and a beer. This makes this game perfect for playing with your friends remotely or on a night out (when you can't bring cups and balls).

In the words of my college age sister, “it's most likely basically paranoia, but MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE (note that, in fact, capital letters were included in your quote). The right way to play this group drinking game is to ask participants a “very likely question”, something like “who is most likely to rob a bank and then get caught”. By counting to three, all members of the circle will point to the person in the circle who they think is most likely to rob a bank and then get caught. Then, each person will drink as many drinks as people point them to.

Also known as the wisest wizard or wizard's staff, Beer Wizard asks all participants to build a cane out of their empty cans, stacking them one on top of the other and gluing them with adhesive tape. The bigger your cane, the more powerful (and the more drunk) you'll become. Once you have a certain number of cans in your cane (some sources say around 4), you can start performing “spells”. Among the most popular spells is the so-called “Accio Beer”, in which someone with fewer canes must bring you a beer, and other variants of it.

There are a lot of different versions of Beer Wizard (with the same number of rules), but we recommend that you try to create your own. Slap cup is a very popular drinking game. The beauty of Slap Cup is that, unlike beer pong, it has no capacity for players, so the whole party can be included. Slap Cup is a very fast-paced game in which players compete individually.

The goal of the game is to bounce a ping pong ball off a red cup alone as quickly as possible. This leads to a highly competitive and high-pressure experience. Some prefer to pour their beers into the glasses, while others use water in the glasses and drink the beer separately. Mad Pong, like other Beer Pong alternatives that we have presented so far, is an evolution of the original game.

Keri is a mom to dogs, an unsuccessful hula dancer and a three-time beer pong tournament champion. He has never met a dog that he doesn't love right away or a drink that he doesn't want to finish. Flong is a hybrid of two of the most popular games in the history of drinking games: Beer Pong and Flip Cup. When taking the nearest cups, two players will drink the beer and then try to bounce a ping pong ball off the cup.

Whether your first game of beer pong was on the unscrewed door of your college dorm closet (see you, ICU) or if you caught the last king of the King's Cup and had to drink the disgusting mix of jungle juice, beer and tequila, chances are you've run into a lot of drinking games in your life. If each team has two cups on one end of the table and a Beer Pong rack on the other end, the two teams will compete to clear their rack.