How many beers are on tap at the raleigh beer garden?

Our rooftop bar has 12 swivel faucets along with the 24-faucet system found on the Beer Garden event field, in the back. See our beer menu, our menu · Upcoming events · Group parties & events · Contact. The North Carolina bar, on the first floor, has 144 barrel faucets from North Carolina and the “International Floor” offers 222 varieties from the rest of the country and the rest of the world. The Raleigh Beer Garden is known locally and globally for its incredible selection of draft beers, a selection that has earned it three Guinness World Records.

If you're having trouble deciding what food to order or what movie to watch, you might want to miss the Raleigh Beer Garden, in North Carolina. According to CEO Gillian Shepherd, the beer garden was originally owned by an Irishman who had a great passion for beer. Here you can enjoy the most draft beers in one place, as well as the most varieties of draft beer.

Of the extensive collection, Shepherd said many could only be found in two locations: Raleigh Beer Garden and the brewery itself.