What is different with heineken silver?

This removes harsh-tasting proteins and tannins, leaving a delightfully refreshing flavor that's accessible and easy to drink.

Heineken Silver

is made with malted barley, water and a unique ingredient known as Heineken-A yeast. The company has been using this yeast since 1886 and claims that it defines the flavor of its beers. Heineken also uses horizontal fermentation tanks that have large surface spaces to promote the conversion of sugar to alcohol, and a lager-type beer brewing process at -1 grade.

It should be noted that Heineken Silver is not the same as the company's light beer, which has fewer calories and more carbohydrates. Look for it wherever you find Heineken products and keep your eyes open for silver and turquoise brands. It should be noted that Heineken Silver has enough body to counteract the sharpness detectable in competing light beers. The company believes it can build on that momentum with the large-scale launch of Heineken Silver this year in the United States, which presents it as the perfect drink for consumers looking for a refreshing beer for special occasions.

The Heineken Silver has almost the same gold color as the original Heineken, but it's a bit paler and also has a stronger malt smell. This spring, Heineken Silver will be available in the United States in 12 oz thin cans, 12 oz bottles, and 24 oz cans. Whether you drink it alone or combine it with a meal, as long as you remember not to worry about the lack of foam and to keep it cold, you're sure to enjoy Heineken Silver. Heineken Silver has a sweet, malty flavor that's almost fruity, without any bitterness or hop flavor.

Many beers are filling and full-bodied, but Heineken Silver aims to be satisfying without making you feel bloated. Although Heineken Silver is produced by one of the most revered breweries in the world, it is far from many of today's most popular craft beers, which often contain large amounts of alcohol and flavorings.