What is the death cup rule in beer pong?

If you play with a “Death Cup”, make sure you drink your beer fast. The Death Cup refers to any cup that has sunk but has not yet been fully consumed. If a player sinks a ball into the cup without finishing, the game ends immediately. The Cup of Death is any cup that you are supposed to drink to the end.

If you don't finish everything and there's beer left in the glass, it's a death cup. The main rules are the same, except that when you pick up a cup of beer to drink, it is considered the cup of death. Then, the opposing team tries to get a ball into the cup while you drink. If your opponent manages to throw a ball before you empty the cup, the game is over.

So your best options are to drop the beer quickly or try to cover the top of the glass at all times. Now that you know the Beer Pong Death Cup rule, check out these tips and the 3 videos so you can stealthily score points in your opponent's “Death Cups”. Beer Pong is a classic party game that has been enjoyed by many college students and party-goers for decades.