Why is belgian beer high in alcohol?

Belgian yeast strains are special because they tend to have a high tolerance to alcohol and produce many flavor compounds during the fermentation process. Belgian yeast strains are of the ale species, which means that they prefer warmer temperatures and ferment faster than lager yeast. Dubbels are twice as strong as classic Belgian beers, which also makes their alcohol content higher. These beers have a rich, deep flavor thanks to the candi sugar used in recipes.

Less emphasis is placed on hops, so they will be less bitter and will rely on malt and yeast to develop their flavors. Another typical characteristic of Belgian beer is its higher percentage of alcohol. For the most part, the lowest you'll find is around 6% and there's really no limit. There are many types of Belgian beers, but the two most popular traditional styles are Trappist beers and abbey beers.

Beer brewing in Belgium covers the entire spectrum of techniques, from the mega-production of famous international brands to the closed and secret environments of exclusive microbreweries. Trappist beer usually has a high alcohol content, in line with Belgian tastes, and ranges from 6% to 10.2% alcohol content, and you can get both blonde and dark beers. Although Belgian brewers use cans and bottles, most brewers and customers are firmly convinced that beer tastes better in the bottle. Refine your beer tasting with my beer tasting guide, then take notes on each beer or compare an entire flight.

After 1,000 years of tradition in brewing and drinking beer, Belgian flavors have evolved to distinguish the ideal combination of beer and drinking vessel. With such a wide range of beer styles and varieties originating in Belgium, it's easy to get confused about the alcohol content of each beer. Abbey beers are similar to Trappist beers, but for one or more reasons they do not meet the certification criteria to be a Trappist beer. Wheat beers have gained popularity since the 1950s, with the well-known Hoegaarden brand at the forefront of their production.

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