What are beer pong cups made of?

In the 1970s, Hulseman's son, Robert Leo Hulseman, created the now ubiquitous red Solo Cup (in the United States). The red Solo cups are made of thick molded polystyrene.

Beer pong

is played at parties, bars and universities, as well as in other places, such as sporting events. As with any activity that involves alcohol, beer pong can cause players to get drunk or even intoxicated enough to suffer alcohol poisoning.

No one could question anyone's masculinity if they had one of these bad boys in their hand or at a perfect traffic light, according to the rules of beer pong. The original version looked like a real ping pong game with a net and one or more cups of beer on each side of the table. Initially, the game was believed to have evolved from the original beer pong played with shovels, which originated in the fraternities of Dartmouth College in the United States. In many states, players have started placing water in glasses to be able to organize legally organized beer pong tournaments in bars.

Beer pong is not played if one team wins all ten cups and the opposing team gets none. The Wall Street Journal, Time and other media outlets have reported on the increase in companies selling beer pong items, such as tables, mats, cups or clothes.