Which craft breweries make some of the most popular beers in europe?

Here, in no particular order, there are 15 pioneering craft brewers in Europe that any craft beer fan should know about: Brewdog Scotland, Mikkeller (Denmark), Omnipolo (Sweden), Cloudwater Brew Co (England), Lervig Aktiebryggeri (Norway), Cantillon (Belgium), Brouwerij De Molen (The Netherlands), Magic Rock Brewing (England). Do you need a drink that gives your taste buds a special touch? This gold medal winner at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2017 can help you. This is a refreshing bittersweet that will help you spend a hot summer day in Barcelona. The Sour Lady is a light, fruity, and tart treat that's packed with raspberries.

BlackLab Brewhouse & Kitchen is also a good place to relax with some food and beer. L'Ermitage is a fun, local place to casually enjoy a drink with a bar snack as an accompaniment. We recommend their beer tasting, which allows you to try 8 of the 11 beers on offer. Laterne is their flagship beer that contains mosaic and cascading hops with a dry, fruity and fresh bitterness.

The Smithwick brand (founded by John Smithwick) originated in Kilkenny, Ireland, in 1710 and operated until 1965, when Guinness bought it. This delicious red wine can be found on tap in most Dublin bars. Its smooth, malty and light flavor is quite refreshing. Everyone knows the classic Guinness Draught, but what if you're looking for something a little different? Murphy's Irish Stout beer has a slightly lower alcohol content, 4.0%, so it's easy to drink with very little aftertaste.

Murphy's has a long history of success dating back to 1856 in Cork, Ireland. You can't go wrong with this creamy, smooth, coffee-flavored dark beer. A good place to have a drink and a bite to eat in their beer garden. Hostivar is more popular with locals and isn't as well known to tourists.

H-Ale 15 is a highly fermented beer with a dark golden-copper color that has an attractive citrus and flower scent. A stronger craft beer that melts easily. There are a lot of great craft beers in Greece that don't have a brewery to visit. Barley Cargo is a way to support local brewers without having to leave the city limits.

It houses more than 350 different beer selections, with more than 140 selections from Greek microbreweries. Here you can find beers from the Noble Men brewmasters, especially their new blond beer based on the unique views of Santorini called Caldera Summer. It's hard to find a drink that matches the satisfaction of a cold beer, from the complexity of its flavor profile to the mouthfeel of its carbonation (or lack of it). Craft beer, however, elevates this experience once you consider the love and care that goes into its production.

Based on Old World brewing traditions and fueled by the modern skills and passions of hobbyists and purists alike, the popularity of craft beer has cultivated a fervent curiosity about the beverage around the world. You can't talk about the search for the best beer in Europe without mentioning the Bavarian city of Munich, home to the Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world, and the traveling carnival. While it's known to have plenty of traditional breweries and taverns, this has also cultivated a thriving independent craft beer scene. In their ten years, they have managed to pioneer the local craft beer scene.

Quickly becoming the largest and most popular brewery in Poland, they also paved the way for other breweries based in Wrocław to follow in their footsteps and open more local craft beer bars. Despite being less than ten years old, this brewery has started to win awards, surprising everyone as newcomers. However, his biggest contribution to the landscape is to highlight the appeal of unique batches of craft beer; this includes the nuances of their quality and flavor and the unabashed passion involved in creating them. Nowadays, the influence of the brewery has begun to define the Norwegian craft beer scene, as Murphy introduced more IPA with hops and intense imperial dark beers (such as Konrads Stout), most of which became what the brewery was best known for.

Beavertown Brewery has quickly become an iconic London export when it comes to craft beer, specifically in North London. Known for its psychedelic art of skulls, space and rockets, the brand's out-of-this-world atmosphere and quirky beer names make this brewery's offering unforgettable. If you thought it also had a rock and roll touch, you're not wrong, since it's directed by Logan Plant, the son of Led Zeppelin leader Robert Plant. Famous for its delicious chocolate, Belgium also has a long tradition of producing various types of beers.

This region of Belgium is responsible for Lambic beer, a beer produced by spontaneous fermentation, often with the addition of several fruits. We have selected De Halve Maan (manufacturers from Bruges Zot) from among all the famous breweries. The Netherlands is home to the famous Heineken and you'll see this brand proudly displayed all over its capital. The Dutch offers some interesting local bars and breweries to discover the history of this fascinating liquid.

We have chosen a famous brewery known as Wildeman, which offers a great selection of around 200 beers. Heineken is the most famous beer brand in the Netherlands and one of the most popular European beers. Their aggressive marketing strategy crushed all of Amsterdam's local brewers. Heineken owns around 50% of the Dutch beer market.

A true lambic beer is a type of beer that has been brewed both in an area southwest of Brussels and in Brussels itself, since the 13th century. Anyone familiar with German beer culture has heard of the Reinheitsgebot (or German Beer Purity Act), which kept breweries at a high level for generations, while at the same time placing them in a somewhat creatively rigid environment. Many suggest that De La Senne was responsible for bringing modern beer to the Belgian beer scene and turning it into a craft beer by seamlessly combining tradition and innovation. Not so long ago, Europe's beer superiority over the United States was completely unquestionable, and the imports section of a bar's beer menu was the attractive and elegant place to hang out.

This resulted in the WRCLW beer brand made only with traditional ingredients, such as porters, imperial stouts, lagers, pilsners, and others. The traditional beer of Brno is Starobrno, served on barrel, with a sweet and rather unusual taste, and is one of the most popular European beers. Plan your trip to Europe with us if you are interested in trying the most popular European beers mentioned below and planning your beer route in Europe. Carlsberg recently opened 'Jacobsen', a new brewery in Varby that aims to showcase beer culture and produce rare beers for connoisseurs.

Given that Spain is a hotbed of culinary creativity, one had to think that it was only a matter of time before the beer scene began to follow suit and, of course, it has (not surprising that Barcelona has proven to be one of the main centers of the beer boom, as the Barcelona Beer Festival has grown impressively in just a few short years). Czech beer is world famous, partly due to the fact that Czechs are the world's most avid beer drinkers. Look, when beer is your religion, well, more exactly, when your religious elite makes your beer, you know things are going to be amazing. Being a country recently devastated by war with a mostly Muslim population doesn't seem like a one-way ticket to a vibrant beer culture, but damn it if good beer and good people don't do everything they can to find a way.

Dark beer is the traditional product of the Royal Brewery in Krušovice and for more than 100 years the production of this beer has not stopped. Bulgaria is one of the most beer-drinking countries in the world and has a fairly solid range of brands (although the brands are mainly owned by large conglomerates). The beer has a light and refreshing flavor, while the design has its roots in Copenhagen, an international city famous for its beer. .