What are the best craft beer brands?

Less than 10,000 barrels per year). Along the way, drinkers' palates had to go one step further, and Allagash White, a beautiful Belgian-style wheat beer that the Maine brewery introduced in 1995, was the type of authentic craft beer that helped open people's minds. Because its flavor was accessible and its origin was German (as Americans used to think beer should be), Hefeweizen became a good entry beer in a market dominated by artisanal lagers. With more than 8,000 breweries, some of which produce dozens of different beers each year, the United States is home to the world's largest and most diverse beer culture.

Big breweries “sell more beer than I do all year round,” said Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company, in the first advertisements for his brand, Samuel Adams. Brewers have revived the Celis brand several times over the years, but sadly beer is still a shell of what it used to be. However, thanks to the collective knowledge and experience of our 21 voters, we believe it is an exceptionally revealing vision of the beers that have shaped the history of American craft beer.