What is south africa's favorite beer?

The most popular is Carling Black Label. This award-winning beer has an earthy flavor and a smooth finish. A similar beer that is just as popular is Lion Lager. With a light malt aroma and a lower alcohol content, this pale lager is easy to drink and a favorite across the country.

Castle Lager, a very versatile American beer from South Africa, is incredibly famous among locals and tourists. It contains a standard amount of alcohol content, which is 5%. Similar to Castle Lager in popularity, Carling Black Label is another adjunct American beer brewed by South African breweries with an alcohol content of 5.5%. Carling's pale straw tone looks attractive, but it doesn't form a solid head, just a few patches of bubbles on the glass with a slight carbonation.

Do you want to try something different from the typical beers attached to it? If so, try Jack Black's Brewers Lager for its bright aroma and delicious flavor. It contains a standard amount of 5% alcohol content with good carbonation. The golden-amber color of this tasty drink forms a dense white head like the eggshell of 2 fingers. Its smell will remind you of bread and grass, but the flavor has hints of honey and hops similar to hay.

Brewers Lager beer offers a pleasant mouthfeel with a semi-dry finish. The Craven Craft Lager, a pale European beer with 4.5% alcohol, has a light golden body with a small carbonated head that does not leave cords. The scent is citrus, leather, corn and earthy. Its taste is exactly the same as the smell, but a subtle nuance of orange flavor is unmistakable.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Woodstock Brewery has established itself as one of the country's leading beer companies with its renowned beer brand, Californicator IPA. Lion Lager, a premium beer from the best South African brewing company, SABMiller, is a crunchy beer with a low alcohol content of 4% by volume. Like its sister beer, Castle Lager, this delicious drink is widely consumed by South Africans. Never underestimate the unique flavors offered by South African land, blessed with natural resources to produce higher quality beer.

Kolsch, a refreshing pale yellow Shackleton drink that creates a thick, bubbling white foam with 4.5% alcoholic alcohol, is a drink you can't miss if you're a beer enthusiast. This week we asked our Twitter followers to tell us what their favorite beer is. A resounding 'Castillo' won with more than 40% of the votes. It's not clear if this percentage prefers Castle Lite or Castle Lager.

Castle Lager has been the predominant beer in South Africa for decades and is still very popular today. Phoenix beer, launched in 1963, was the first beer to be brewed in the island nation and has since become a favorite around the world. Currently, South African Breweries (SAB) controls the vast majority of the South African beer market and, with the notable exception of imported brands such as Heineken, Guinness and others, SAB owns and produces all the country's major brands, in addition to owning Miller's Genuine Draft (American) and a long list of others, making it the second largest brewery in the world. Originally initiated by Beer Route, a collaboration of craft breweries in South Africa, other actors have since joined to help guide tourists to taverns across the country.

With more than 200 craft breweries now operating in South Africa, there's a wide variety of good quality craft beer available for you to try. South Africa represents 34% of Africa's formal beer market and is expected to grow between 8 and 10% annually over the next five years. With the help of old brewing techniques and traditions, South African breweries experiment and innovate new styles of beer with aromatic flavors that influence younger drinkers. Other beers that are frequently drunk in South Africa are Windhoek Lager, a Namibian beer brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, as well as Tafel Lager, another beer imported from Namibia.

Stella Lager is also a popular choice in Egypt, while craft beers are gaining ground in South Africa. Castle could get the majority of votes, but earlier this month Africa's best beer was crowned in the African Beer Cup. So what is the best-selling beer in South Africa? It's hard to say definitely, as different beers appeal to different people. Beer arrived in South Africa with its first white settlers and has been brewed here for more than 300 years.