Where is flying fish beer made?

Flying Fish Brewing Company is located in Somerdale, New Jersey. In a state that once had 50 breweries, it is the first microbrewery in southern New Jersey and the first new brewery built in that part of the state in more than half a century. We spent a couple of decades and Flying Fish is now in Somerdale, New Jersey. In a state where the 50 breweries that existed before prohibition were reduced to a couple, we were the first microbrewery in South Jersey and are now the largest of the more than 70 craft breweries in the state.

Since opening in late 1996, Flying Fish has tripled its capacity and has become the largest of the approximately 20 craft breweries in the state. Flying Fish offers up to eight beers for the whole year, plus seasonal options and specialty beers at its Camden County tasting room and at stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. To find stores that sell Cape May Brewing and Flying Fish beers, sparkling beverages, and other malt beverages, check out each brewery's respective beer search engines. This beer is lightly filtered with an earthy and spicy touch of hops from Goldings hops imported from Styria and a beautiful, creamy wheat ear.

This strong Belgian-style golden beer features a variety of ingredients and brewing methods that help differentiate Flying Fish beers. They have also won several medals at the Real Ale Festival in Chicago and at the World Beer Championships, and it is the only brewery in New Jersey to appear in the book Best American Beers, published in 2000. And thanks to baseball fans, the XPA is the best-selling local craft beer at the Phillies ballpark. Flying Fish was founded in 1995 and sold its first beers in a virtual brewery run by founder Gene Muller.

All Cape May Brewing and Flying Fish beers will continue to be available for sale in the same stores and in their respective tasting rooms in Rio Grande and Somerdale. The fast-growing beer manufacturer described the acquisition as a strategic investment to increase its production and storage space in South Jersey and provide additional manufacturing space to expand its selection of craft beers, sparkling beverages and other malt beverages. Flying Fish beers were the first in the region to be presented at the Great British Beer Festival, the Oregon Brewers Festival and the Biere de Mondial Festival in Canada. The site allowed beer lovers to help select and name beers, design t-shirts and labels, volunteer to try flavors, and even apply for jobs as brewers.

Thanks to this effort, one can go to any good restaurant in the Philadelphia region and be sure to find a Flying Fish beer available. Cape May Brewing will keep all of its beers on store shelves in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, while Marylanders will continue to sell Flying Fish brands at grocery stores and liquor stores across the state. The beer features a combination of American, English and German malts to balance the large amount of hops.