Why did stella artois reduced alcohol content?

Drinkers say that beer now tastes like nothing after a reduction from 4.8% to 4.6% in September of last year.

Stella Artois

enthusiasts who have tried this beer both in Belgium and abroad will notice that the intensity of the beer varies from one territory to another. In Belgium, Stella Artois is sold with a maximum alcohol content of 5.2%, the standard alcohol content for a pilsner in that country. However, in other countries where alcohol regulations are more stringent, it is sold with a reduced alcohol level.

This is particularly noticeable in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, where it can reach up to 4%. By straightening the chalice towards the end of the pouring, a perfect white Stella Artois head will form. Stella Artois is a Belgian pilsner who enjoys popularity in Belgium and around the world. Although Stella Artois usually includes the French language in its advertising and branding, the beer originates from the Dutch-speaking Belgian city of Leuven.

Stella Artois should then be inspected to ensure that the head is no more than three centimeters thick, just over an inch. The Den Hoorn brewery was much appreciated by the inhabitants of Leuven, and they made Stella Artois as a special Christmas gift for their loyal local customers. Although Stella Artois had serious difficulties when Europe was shattered in World War II, and even interrupted its operations at the height of the war, production resumed with the onset of peace. That's the brief answer to when Stella Artois came out and why, but there are a lot more details to consider.

Today, Leuven is home to the headquarters of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company that currently owns the Stella Artois brand. The perfect Stella Artois pouring involves nine clear steps, each designed to bring out the best flavor and texture of the beer. British drinkers reacted angrily to discovering that Stella Artois had reduced her alcohol percentage. STELLA Artois has infuriated drunken Britons after changing its recipe to reduce the amount of alcohol in its beers.

Stella Artois also positioned itself as a premium imported beer in the United Kingdom with the motto “Reassuringly Expensive”. Although Stella Artois is sold with a lower alcohol level in the United Kingdom than in Belgium, the brand was largely based on its reputation as a strong beer in that territory. A man from the United Kingdom claims that he thought he had COVID-19 after drinking a low-percentage Stella Artois beer, and claims that he had lost his taste.