Light Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Low-Calorie Options

For beer lovers, craft breweries have made it possible to enjoy light and tasty drinks without compromising on taste. These light beers are usually around 100 calories and 3 to 6 carbs per 12 oz. serving, and come in a variety of styles, from pilsners to IPAs. However, it's important to remember that carbohydrates make up between 12 and 24 of those 100 calories, while the remaining 76 to 88 calories come from alcohol.

To help you find the perfect light craft beer for your next summer barbecue or slow rest day, we've compiled a list of some of the best options available. From Kona's Light Blonde Ale to Miller Lite Lager Beer, there's something for everyone.

Night Shift Brewery Nite Lite Craft Light Lager

is a rarity in the revival of the light craft beer scene. This beer has the style of a session season, but with less than 100 calories.

It features Millennium, Mosaic and Amarillo hops that provide a little spice mixed with subtle flavors of mango. It pours clear and is very refreshing.

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale

is a great session beer with reduced calories and carbohydrates. The hops used are Millennium, Citra and Galaxy, which provide citrus touches to this light beer.

Miller Lite Lager Beer

is an award-winning light beer with only 96 calories and 3.2 grams of carbohydrates.

It has an aroma driven by Galena's hops and a crisp but slightly sweet finish.

Guinness Draught

is as reliable as a conventional American pilsner. Despite its low alcohol content of 4.2%, it still has a nitro softness, caramelized and chocolate character, and deep roasted coffee color.

Bud Light

is by far the most popular beer in the United States. Available at negligent prices in huge packages and with only 110 calories and 4.2% alcohol, Bud Light is a middle way to light beers.

Bud Light Platinum

is for those who want to light up the night.

With fewer calories than Bud (Heavy), this lager is like connecting a Bud Light to a guitar amplifier, the same light beer experience, only a higher alcohol content.

Busch Light

is an excellent light beer with a low weight of 95 calories and a crunchy 4.5% alcohol. It has a taste of bread and malt that makes it easy to drink.

Keystone Light

has only 110 calories and 4.2% alcohol, but its complex blend of grains gives it a distinctive flavor that stays in your mouth after you have taken the last sip.

Amstel Light

has 4.4% alcohol and 95 calories, but its flavor makes you feel like you're drinking a Trappist beer from a giant boot in a Biergarten. With a slightly bitter bite, Amstel Light is not the type of beer that tastes exactly like water.

Corona Light

is the star drink of the Fast & Furious franchise for good reason. With 3.8% alcohol and 64 calories, it's almost as close to being an NA beer as it is to being Amstel Light.