What is the best drinking game with pong balls?

It's a game where players throw ping pong balls into beer glasses. If you sink the ball into the glass, the other player has to drink the beer. The first team to get rid of all their cups wins. Jews is similar to most pong games, except for the special World War II themes translated into the rules of the drinking game to increase fun.

Some of the best college drinking games include classics like Beer Pong and Kings, while more modern innovations, such as Slap Cup and Stack It Up, are also gaining popularity. In this turn-based game, players team up to play competitive two-on-two beer pong, trying to throw ping pong balls into their opponents' cups from the other side of the table. Some prefer to pour their beers into the glasses, while others use water in the glasses and drink the beer separately. Russian Beer Pong adds an unexpected twist to a classic game, making it both entertaining and unpredictable.