The Most Popular Beer in the South: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to beer, the south has a lot to offer. From Budweiser, the 145-year-old classic, to the cutting-edge craft beers of Alabama and Florida, there's something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the most popular beers in the south, from Alabama to Texas and beyond. In Alabama, Budweiser is the most popular beer.

This classic brew was created in St. Louis, Missouri in an attempt to imitate the Czech beers that Anheuser-Busch co-founder Adolphus Busch liked. But Alabama also has its own unique beer offerings. The Black Coffee beer from Birmingham Brewery is a 6.2% dark beer made with Cuban roasted coffee from the Southern Girl Coffee Roasting Company.

The bitterness of the coffee tempers the sweetness of the malts, while the robustness of the coffee complements the dark roasted barley. Dan Murphy, a writer based in Alabama, says this sought-after beer “is worth the hype”. The Bearded Reserve line from Birmingham Brewery also includes a Russian Imperial Stout (RIS) with an almost unprecedented complexity in a non-barrel-aged dark beer. The intense notes of chocolate, bourbon, vanilla and nuts are balanced by West Coast hops for a drier finish with a pleasant bitterness.

In Texas, Corona and Shiner Ruby Redbird are two of the most popular options. Atrial is sold in 500 milliliter (16.91-ounce) bottles instead of the standard 12-ounce bottles - after all, everything is bigger in Texas! American beer is brewed with well water and is full of barley, wheat, raspberries and locally-sourced yeast. This unfiltered and unpasteurized frothy drink is one of the pleasures and joys of Texas. Good People Brewing Company in Birmingham is responsible for some of Alabama's most cutting-edge food and drink offerings. Their four seasonal products include Imperial Dark Beer Fatso Deep Chocolate - a must-try - as well as five year-round beers like Snake Handler IPA.

The Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery in Birmingham also offers exclusive beers from special projects like their annual Maple Bacon Coffee Porter festival (visit in January). Funky Buddha Brewery distributes all over Florida with some of the tastiest beer and beer art you can find. We suggest Moro Moro Blood Orange IPA, Pineapple Beach Blond Beer and Blueberry Cobbler with its notes of cinnamon, natural blueberries and vanilla. Athens-based Creature Comforts Brewing Company (CCBC) has been widely considered Georgia's state champion since launching Tropicalia - a tropical IPA that started a wave of similar beers.

CCBC also had one of the first widespread bitter beers in the state with Athena (sour ones are a BIG problem in Georgia these days). Appalachian Mountain Brewery (AMB) offers both beer and cider to fund conservation efforts to develop domestic water projects across the Appalachian mountain range from Georgia to Maine. Their Tavern Beers include flagship Blond Beer Boone Creek as well as seasonal specials like C, R, E, A, M., a dark cappuccino beer infused with donut flavor. Modelo Especial is another popular Mexican beer for American drinkers - a rich pilsner type beer with notes of chocolate and roast but with a medium body and lower ABV that make it perfect for any time of year. Westbrook Brewing Company in Charleston has had several beers that have been critical favorites including their year-round One Claw malted rye beer and their lemongrass and ginger White Thai witbier.

Their Gose is especially popular - try their bittersweet version of Key Lime Pie for an unforgettable experience. Heineken is another 154-year-old Dutch brewery that has been ranked as one of the world's most valuable beer brands after Bud Light and Budweiser by Brand Finance. It's one of America's best-selling beers as well as one of its fastest growing. Coors Light is America's second most popular beer but it doesn't come close to number one. This light beer was introduced only in 1986 but Milwaukee's Best dates back to 1895 - although for decades it was only available in Milwaukee itself. If you're looking for something unique to try for breakfast (not that we're recommending it!), try Milk Chocolate Maple Porter from Parish Brewing Company in Louisiana. This creamy head porter has aromas of rich milk chocolate, cocoa powder and dark amber maple syrup. No matter what type of beer you're looking for, there's something for everyone in the south! From Budweiser to Funky Buddha to Parish Brewing Company, there are plenty of options to explore.