Are there any variations to the traditional rules of beer pong?

Fear Pong is an expansion of Beer Pong. Their goal is to make the game even more fun and entertaining. This is done by placing a tile under each cup. In these cards there are tasks, the so-called challenges.

When you touch a cup, you can decide whether to drink it or to do your homework. If you decide to perform the task, it is removed from the game. The next time you hit the cup, you have to drink it. So the Fear Pong challenge serves a kind of second life for each cup.

If you complete each task, you won't lose until your opponent hits each cup twice. The idea behind this is that Beer Pong is no longer just a drinking game, but it is combined with challenges. In Fear Pong, these challenges are often erotic as well and help players to get closer to each other. Like Fear Pong, King Pong is an addition to traditional Beer Pong.

It's a card game that makes regular Beer Pong even more fun. Before each throw, you must take one of the 54 cards and read it aloud. CaptnCup, similar to Fear Pong and Kings Cup, is a card game that complements the classic Beer Pong. CaptnCup is the best option on the market for German-speaking players.

Raise the stakes by adding a cup of Russian Roulette on each side. To prepare them, the teams fill all the glasses with beer as usual and place them in the shape of a pyramid. The teams then switch sides and secretly add a shot of vodka to one of their opponents' cups. Then, the teams return and start the game.

When the glass is played with shot spikes, the vodka gives him an extra kick in the pants, which adds a layer of suspense to the game. If you play with a “Death Cup”, make sure you drink your beer fast. The Cup of Death refers to any cup that has sunk but has not yet been fully consumed. If a player sinks a ball into the cup without finishing, the game ends immediately.

This rule encourages all players to finish their drinks quickly and holds everyone accountable for each beer. This rule is for the ultra-competitive public and not for the “we really just want to drink and have fun” audience. Not to be confused with the Ring of Fire drinking game, this rule states that if a team eliminates all three corner cups, as well as the middle cup or “first-year cup”, forming a ring of connected individual cups, that team immediately wins. This rule rewards millimeter accuracy with an automatic win, which is ideal for quickly changing the table, but not so much if you want to keep playing (and drinking).

The rules below are casual game rules (or “group rules”), which means that we've taken the typical rules and topics and summarized them in a general format that you can follow. Feel free to invent any variants you want, but keep in mind that these rules are widely accepted and should be the basis of your specific game. Mad Pong, like some of the other Beer Pong alternatives we've presented so far, is an evolution of the original game. In memory of the numerous ships and planes that were never heard of again after traveling through the triangular area that connects Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, the Bermuda Triangle rule in Beer Pong states that if you sink your opponent's cups so that a triangle of intact cups forms, you can't ask for the bookshelf to be replaced.

Place ten cups (usually 18 oz or 16 oz) in the shape of a pyramid, as shown in the diagram, on each side of a beer pong table (usually, the standard is about 8 feet long). If you want to party, Entropy Bar offers affordable drinks and even offers beer pong. Beer Pong is usually played by teams of two, in which each team takes turns throwing a table tennis ball into the other team's cups. It sounds simple, but in the five decades since Beer Pong was introduced, new rules have been invented and adopted.

If you're an inveterate and experienced player and want to follow the official rules, check out the Beer Pong World Series (WSOBP) game rules. Beer Pong is usually played on an eight-foot by two-foot table with ten cups arranged in a triangle shape at each end. Basically, once you pick up a cup of beer and start drinking it, the cup becomes a deadly cup, which means that if your opponent uses his shot to get the ball into the cup in your hand before you've emptied it of beer, you lose, the game is over. Flong is a hybrid of two of the most popular games in the history of drinking games: Beer Pong and Flip Cup.

And while the basic version of Beer Pong has its basic rules, it's important for each “house” to establish its own unique set of rules or variations so that the game is truly their own. .