What countries is heineken silver available in?

Heineken believes that young adults are now looking for “more subtle, refreshing, and accessible beers,” a demand that Heineken Silver has been designed to meet. This year, Heineken Silver will be available in 14 countries, backed by a 20 million pound ($24 million) advertising campaign. Heineken Silver is classified as a very refreshing beer with an alcohol content of 4% and is made through a cold brewing process at -1°C to “achieve a crunchy flavor and a subtle finish”, with a low bitterness of 10 IBUS (international bitterness units), which offers a lighter beverage profile. Heineken Silver offers these drinkers a more inclusive and accessible flavor that also meets their needs for a more refreshing beer, opening up new opportunities to drive incremental sales for retailers.

Heineken Silver will be available in grocery stores, convenience stores and wholesalers in the United Kingdom starting March 21 in 4 x 330 ml bottles (RRP 4.50 Pounds Sterling), 12 330 ml bottles (RRP 12.00 Pounds Sterling) and 6 Slim Cans of 330 ml (RRP 5.50 Pounds Sterling). According to The Sun, Heineken Silver “has been criticized by fans, who say it's crazy when they wake up” and urge the company to rethink. The goal of Heineken Silver is to offer a “premium offer” and a more accessible flavor that generates appeal and sales among younger adult drinkers. Heineken has identified an additional sales opportunity of one million HLS units for the wider launch of Heineken Silver, which will be available in 14 countries this year, including the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

This major new launch reportedly means that Heineken Silver will be available in 14 countries this year, backed by an unprecedented £20 million advertising campaign. Presenting the product as a “low-carb and low-calorie” addition to its range in the country, the Dutch brewery claimed that Heineken Silver was the ideal choice for the US market.