10 Best-Tasting Beers to Try This Summer

If you're not sure you like beer, it's most likely because you've been drinking the wrong brand. These are 10 of the best-tasting beer benches, try some and try to claim that beer benches are still the worst. From Purple Haze to Bud Light Lime, there's something for everyone.

Purple Haze is a lager beer made with real raspberries, which gives the beer its distinctive fruity aroma and sweet and sour taste. Its fun purple color won't be the only thing you enjoy drinking this beer, as many people swap their dessert for this 128-calorie Abita favorite. A personal favorite, Summer Shandy from Leinenkugel is a light and crunchy beer with a natural lemonade flavor. The perfect beer for those looking to graduate from super-sugary Mike's Hard, be sure to go out and stock up while this summer staple is available.

Shock Top is a Belgian-style spiced wheat beer, made with orange, lemon and lime peels for a smooth, citrusy finish. While this cold beer can turn anyone who doesn't drink beer into one, Shock Top also offers popular grapefruit and lemon flavors for the pickiest. This Belgian white beer is brewed with orange peels from Valencia to give Blue Moon its subtle and distinctive sweetness. Crunchy, spicy and slightly spicy, this 170-calorie beer will pair perfectly with light fish tacos this summer.

Bud Light Lime is an ideal way to refresh your taste buds when the temperature starts to rise and summer knocks on your vacation door. Its fresh and light taste is perfect for those who don't like bitters much. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is vibrant and complex on the palate, but tastes simply delicious. The famous dry Irish dark beer Guiness has been captivating customers since 1759 in 150 countries and is the most popular dark beer in the world.

A pioneer and the first entry on our list of alcohol-free beers to try, the German brewer Clausthaler is dedicated to the brewing of low-alcohol and alcohol-free beer, but with a craft beer aesthetic. With a graduation of 0.5%, Clausthaler is an excellent choice for those looking to drink a light German-style beer, but want to have their car keys handy to return home. Our pick for the best beer overall is Peace Tree Blonde Fatale.