What is the elbow rule in beer pong?

If the wrist rule is in effect, players must keep their wrists behind the edge of the table. Breaking this rule causes the shot to not count. If the shot is made, the offending player can take a step back and throw the ball again. The unspoken rule at most home parties, the elbow rule states that the elbow cannot cross the edge of the table while shooting.

This rule is especially important if you are going to use a small table. If a player's elbow crosses the edge of the table, the shot doesn't count. This is often a hotly discussed rule, because it's hard to tell if your elbow is crossed from the perspective on the other side of the table. Step one step away from the table and you'll never have to worry about this rule.

The professional beer pong circuit does not follow the rule of elbows, since they use the official 8 feet. The Beer Pong elbow rule is simple. It states that a player's elbow cannot cross the edge of the table while shooting. If the shooter's elbow crosses the imaginary plane that extends upward from the edge of the table, the shot doesn't count.

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For example, if the variant bears the name Beer Pong Wrist Rule, they are penalized if their wrist crosses the edge of the table.