What is non-alcoholic beer pong called?

Instead of filling a few cups with a delicious option, ALL of them will be. Pelican pong is another beer pong where the glasses are on the spikes of a pair of fun plastic pelicans. Unlike other types, where you play with cups of a certain width, the pelican spikes that the balls receive are wide enough to receive several balls at once. Now we're even more classy with this unique and fun version of the original beer pong game.

Be-Gin Pong is a drinking game very similar to the classic one, but it includes fun personalized cups, gold gin glasses, and matching yellow and green ping pong balls. An adorable game perfect for any gin lover, in which you must drink every cup your opponent makes. The closest thing you've ever experienced to a party was the prom, and even so, it would bring you home at 10 p.m. Now that you're in college, you want to live things with your newfound freedom, but you still have the mentality of an overprotected bird that just left the nest.

Beer pong is pretty much the most common and classic game to play at a house party. Depending on who you play with, there may be different variations of the rules. However, in the soda pong version, there is a simple set of guidelines to follow without anyone being under the influence of alcohol. You'll place about 10 individual red cups on either side of the table in the shape of a triangle, and then fill them with about three or four ounces of your choice of soda.

Divide your friends into two teams with one or two players on each team on each side of the table. Outdoor Beer Die is a variant of the beer die that is played outdoors (it can simply be a place with no height limits and that allows you to move freely). These are the ten best alternatives to beer pong that will liven up any party, without being too cheesy. There are plenty of game ideas you can play during a family outing, and beer pong is especially popular.

Beer pong is played at parties, bars and universities, as well as in other places, such as sporting events. With the tips mentioned below, let's see how to plan the best beer pong game for the whole family. Much more aesthetically pleasing than red cups alone, although much more dangerous when it comes to getting poisoned, this is a fun original version of beer pong. Juice pong is a great alternative to soft drink pong if you're looking for something with a little more vitamin power and a little less sugar.

The Wall Street Journal, Time and other media outlets have reported on the increase in companies selling beer pong items, such as tables, mats, cups or clothes. Whether kids are playing their own game of beer pong or playing with adults, it's best to let them have their say and make decisions while you prepare the game. The game was originally believed to have evolved from the original beer pong played with popsicles, which is generally considered to have its origins in the fraternities of Dartmouth College in the United States. As with any alcohol-related activity, beer pong can cause players to get drunk or even drunk enough to suffer alcohol poisoning.

A wine drinking game is undoubtedly a unique way to spend the night and, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to beer pong if you want to stay elegant. The original version looked like a real ping pong game with a net and one or more cups of beer on each side of the table.