Which craft breweries make some of the most unique beers in europe?

In addition, the beers you can't stop looking for in every place. Where American beer drinkers once sought craft beers in Belgium, today, the United States leads the world in craft beer, with the largest number of diverse breweries than any other country in the world. However, over the past few decades, a handful of breweries have led the way in building, reviving, disrupting, and expanding the European craft beer scene. These European breweries have broken with Old World traditions and have taken a step forward, thanks to skill and passion, quality and flavor, popularity and influence towards positive change.

If you're already familiar with the most important craft beer in the United States, you'd better familiarize yourself with some of the best brewers in Europe. Big and small, modern and traditional, from the sunny Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle, can be found everywhere, and there seems to be no way to stop the train of great craft beer deals that are popping up all over Europe. Here, in no particular order, are 15 pioneering craft brewers in Europe that any serious craft beer fan should know. A little more than a decade has passed and, today, the company's beer is distributed to countries around the world and served in world-class establishments, such as Noma.

With bars across Europe and locations in Japan, South Korea, Bangkok and San Francisco, the brand has truly gone global. Looking to leave a mark on the US. UU. Try Mikkeller's Beer Geek Brunch Weasel Imperial dark beer, which is prepared with civet coffee.

If you're a lover of sour beers, the Mikkeller Spontan series will hit the nail on the head. The founders of this Swedish brewery travel around the world, brewing beers in different facilities and in collaboration with other breweries. However, the most unique point lies in the brewery's new approach to flavor, which includes the addition of unexpected ingredients, such as maple syrup, marshmallow fluff and strawberries. In Japan, USA.

What's so attractive about your beer? Well, these are some of their releases, and these are not just the names. The indicated flavors are there. IPA strawberry milkshake, original blueberry pie ice cream, Yellow Belly Imperial Stout peanut butter cookie, Maja maple muffins, barley wine. Do we need to say more? While the awards are not definitive, Cloudwater is helping to change the culture of beer in the United Kingdom, by prioritizing quality, flavor and seasonal batches.

Awards simply help people see what can be achieved by putting quality and skill first. Personally, I'll try anything from Cloudwater, but their IPAs are out of this world. Since their beers are in season, you'll have to choose between those that are available at that time. Stavanger, the third largest city in Norway, is home to the famous Lervig Aktiebryggeri.

Founded in 2003, the brewery initially focused mainly on pilsners. Founded in 1900, Cantillon is one of the few traditional Belgian breweries that survive in the country and specializes in Lambic and Gueuze beers. The brewery was once one of the many traditional sites in Brussels, but it is the only one that has prospered and grown over the years, to the present day. Much of the equipment used in production hasn't been changed in more than 100 years.

Climate change has started to affect the brewery's ability to create its unique open-fermented sour beers, but nonetheless, Cantillon is known around the world for making some of the best sour beers that exist. The site also has a museum dedicated to the history of the Gueuze style. Try the timeless Cantillon Gueuze or the Cantillon Kriek-Lambic for a raw, traditional style experience. Quality and diversity above all.

Try the Imperial De Molen Amarillo IPA, trust us. Although, of course, Stone Brewing was founded in San Diego, its new headquarters in Berlin deserves a spot on the list. As one of the largest craft breweries in the U.S. UU.

,. Beavertown is a brewery in London, run by Logan Plant, the son of Led Zeppelin leader Robert Plant. Logan, however, has taken a very different and lively career path from that of his father, a rock star. Beavertown is an important part of London's vibrant craft beer scene.

Colorful, futuristic artwork, delicious beer, and exciting collaborations with breweries like Other Half, DogFish Head, and Modern Times, Beavertown spreads color, friendship, and flavor around the world. They organize the great Beavertown Extravaganza event in London, a must for craft beer lovers. To try it for the first time, try their iconic Gamma Ray Pale Ale and their decadent Black Betty Black IPA. Founders Yvan Debaets and Bernard Leboucq started creating modern craft beer in 2004, in a town outside Brussels.

Years later, they moved to a new site, where ever since then they have been creating unfiltered and unpasteurized beer using only natural ingredients. Many suggest that De La Senne was responsible for bringing modern beer to the Belgian beer scene and turning it into a craft beer by seamlessly combining tradition and innovation. Keeping things small, the brewery sells its beer in Brussels and in Belgium. Along with any exciting seasonal beer, be sure to try the main Black IPA, Brusseleir.

Welsh craft beer just became popular. Be sure to try the brewery's Welsh red beer, CWTCH, and Juicy, a great fruity golden beer. That said, all of their core beers are stellar. Along with Mikkeller, To Øl is an important player in the Danish beer scene.

The best way to get craft beer lovers interested in traditional sour beer is to take a modern approach to the category and make it easier for them. This is how Wild Beer Co, based in Somerset. It was born out of a great love for wild yeast strains and fermentation. The recent addition of a line of state-of-the-art preserves and plans to build a new brewery, which will double its capacity, demonstrate that Wild Beer is fulfilling its mission to spread the glory of a unique, bitter and experimental beer everywhere.

Although craft beer in Spain is not as established as in other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, many new breweries have started to emerge, and Naparbier is one of the leaders. Demand is growing, as the company's beer is now being shipped to the US. Since the brewery focuses on freshness, be sure to try their Luppy Insider IPA and Napar Pale Ale. When a country has a patron saint of beer and a national celebration of beer that lasts two weeks, you know that brewskis are an important part of the culture.

Thanks to its location between Germany and the Czech Republic, the city's beer culture has been influenced by Bavarian wheat beers and Czech pilsners for centuries. Here you'll find everything from traditional Belgian abbey beers to quirkier favorites like Floris Chocolat, a chocolate-infused beer. When summer rolls around, Antwerp's Beer Passion Weekend offers visitors the chance to try more than 200 types of Belgian beers. Continue your exploration of the city's beer culture with a visit to Á La Bècasse, a former bar specializing in Kriek, a traditional beer with a cherry flavor.

Every November, Billie's Craft Beer Fest welcomes beer lovers from around the world to enjoy their favorite beers. We also recommend a visit to U Kunštátů, a craft beer bar and an open-air tavern that serves dozens of craft options. Poland's beer culture is legendary across Europe, and the young, lesser-known city of Wrocław is the best place in the country to drink beer (except, perhaps, Warsaw). They love making powerful and innovative beers, they imagine craft beer as a world where the imagination has no limits and they experiment with all kinds of ingredients and styles of beer.

This brewery based in Gordexola, based in Gordexola, currently has 8 beers among the 50 best Spanish beers of all time and produces imperial and IPA dark beer, in a small but beautiful establishment near Bilbao. A large part of Poland's success in the craft beer scene is due to the country's lack of brewing tradition. Outside of festival season, Munich is still a must-visit European beer city, if only because of its huge breweries. If you need a break from the Pilsners, head to Klub Malých Pivovarů, a beer bar that offers beers from the Bohemia region and beyond.