The Best Beer for Every Occasion

Raising a pint is always a good idea, but which beer is the best? Our pick for the best beer overall is Peace Tree Blonde Fatale, a Belgian-style artisanal blonde with the perfect balance of citrus, hops and sweetness. Mexican lagers are a classic in warm climates, and Special Model is a shining example of what makes them great. With fun names like Nectar of the Norse Gods and Belinda's Ruin, craft beer geeks can't resist peeling the label off the can. We sat down with some of the most popular beers on the market to determine which beer tastes the best.

Blue Moon is an exclusive beer that stands out from the crowd. Bud Light, Miller Lite, Corona Light and Heineken Light are all ranked as some of the best beers. Half Acre's Daisy Cutter Pale Ale is a craft beer classic that has been around for a decade. Rye beers are super soft and balanced with notes of grapefruit and hops, caramel malt and spices.

Foeder Classic is a mix of mixed fermentation beers aged in white wine barrels and then aged with marsanne and roussanne grapes. Finally, Half Acre's Hefeweizen Grapefruit is a mix of hefeweizen and grapefruit that has banana, clove and bread flavors illuminated by acidic citrus.