The Difference Between Craft Beer and IPA

Craft beer and IPA are both bitter and hoppy beers, but there are some key differences between them. IPA stands for India Pale Ale, and it has a higher alcohol content and more intense bitterness than craft beer. This is because it was originally brewed to survive long trips to India without becoming infected or going bad. Craft beer, on the other hand, has a wide variety of styles, from stouts to citrus fruits, and its bitterness is subjective to the drinker.

IPA has been popular for many years due to its hop flavor that is balanced by malt. Hops can also help release endorphins that make people happy. However, craft beer festivals offer hundreds of different types of beers, from dark beer to saisons, so there is plenty of variety for beer drinkers to enjoy. When it comes to choosing between craft beer and IPA, it really depends on the individual's preference.

For those new to the craft beer scene, breweries often recommend starting with a pale ale instead of an IPA. This is because pale ales have a lower alcohol content and less intense bitterness than IPAs. At the same time, those who love hops can really try them in a pale beer. The taste and genetic makeup of the two beers differ slightly, mainly because of their history.

For example, IPAs have a higher alcohol content than craft beer, while craft beer has a wider variety of styles. In the end, the only real indicator is the real life experience. You can count on both craft beer and IPA being bitter and hoppy beers, but IPA should be more intense in ABV and IBU. It's the kind of beer for people who love hops, but craft beer offers plenty of variety for those who want something different.