Are there any professional leagues for beer pong?

The Beer Pong World Series is the largest and oldest organized beer pong tournament in the world, created by beer pong players for beer pong players. Despite the World Series title, there is no unified Beer Pong league. And the sport is still a long way from having a commissioner. Competing organizations organize rival tournaments across the country, but that doesn't seem to have dampened enthusiasm.

WSOBP satellite tournaments are smaller regional tournaments organized by local bars and Beer Pong leagues that offer entry to the WSOBP as a grand prize. Beer Pong leagues are springing up all over the country and, in fact, expert players can make a lot of money. He recently quit his job as an intellectual property lawyer to dedicate himself full time to the Beer Pong World Series. Sure, beer pong is just starting to get pop culture attention after college, but it seems to have some strength.

And somewhere the men laugh and somewhere the children scream; but there is no joy in Beer Pong, the mighty Casey has fainted. Although WSOBP tickets can be purchased, many teams can enter the Beer Pong World Series by winning a WSOBP satellite tournament.