What is the beer capital of south america?

The city of Valdivia, in southern Chile, is often referred to as the beer capital of Chile. Santiago is a classic megacity in Latin America that still drinks traditional lager beers. The city is experiencing greater demand for better beers, but compared to the rest of Chile, the beer culture is decades behind schedule. Quilmes is an old tradition in Argentina.

It has existed for more than 130 years and is named after a city known for the supreme quality of its water. The name of the brand comes from the fact that the Andes are divided into three “branches” as they spread across Colombia, and the three mountain peaks form part of the logo and visual identity of the beers. However, that's not the only thing Venezuela is known for, as the country's most popular beer is Polar beer. In addition, the brand is environmentally friendly and is proud to offer high-quality beer that is created with less water than others made with traditional brewing methods.

What I love about 3 Cordilleras is that in many supermarkets you can find them in packs of 3 with random selections of their beers, which allows you to try the different beers they offer, without having to shell out a full package for each one. Beer made with locally produced hops and melted water from glaciers, going to the Patagonia Brewery headquarters is a great place to sit back, enjoy the spectacular views and enjoy a high-quality beer from one of the best craft breweries in South America. It turns out that the Mapuches, the region's indigenous people, also drink a type of beer called chicha or corn beer. The brand stands out for being the first Chilean beer matured in oak, which gives it a rich, spicy and warm flavor.

They produce their own beer brands and some international brands, along with soft drinks and other alcoholic products. German immigration has shaped the beer industry in this part of the world, and breweries date back to the 1850s, when the Anwandter brewery was created, and they sought to reproduce the style of their domestic beers in their country. Not only are the beers excellent, especially the APA “Mestiza”, but its central location in Medellin means you can also easily visit the breweries, which include plenty of beers along the way and even live music on Fridays. Another great craft brewery in Patagonia, this Argentine gem is easy to find practically anywhere in the country, so much so that its beers have almost become commonplace in the big lager beer brands in Argentina and Uruguay.

If craft beer becomes a status symbol, as it has done in some countries, it will be impossible to create a true beer culture. This brand has taken over the world and is one of the most popular non-domestic beers in several countries. Although beer consumption in Chile is low compared to the rest of the South American region, beer is still the most consumed alcoholic beverage and occupies 60% of the total market share of alcoholic beverages. All over South America, you get good quality beer at the brewery only to discover that that same beer tastes really bad at the liquor store.

Cía Cervecerias Unidas SA, a local company, is the main Chilean beer company and produces mainly lager beers.