What is the legal drinking age in south africa 2023?

For example, in Bangladesh, alcohol is illegal for Muslims, but it is legal for non-Muslim tourists in private. In many countries, the age at which you can legally drink is considered a milestone in a person's life. Following the reductions in the MLDA in the U.S. In the US, research conducted in several states provided convincing evidence that the rates of fatal and non-fatal MVA appeared immediately after the implementation of the reduction in the drinking age.

The police can search minors in public places and confiscate or destroy any alcoholic beverages in their possession. Some states don't allow people under the legal drinking age to be present in liquor stores or bars (generally, the difference between a bar and a restaurant is that food is only served in the latter). In Central America, the Caribbean and South America, the legal drinking and shopping age ranges from 0 to 20 years (see table below). Most laws apply only to alcohol consumption in public places, and alcohol consumption at home is mostly unregulated (one exception is the United Kingdom, which has a minimum legal age of five years for supervised consumption in private places).

Technically, it's legal for minors to possess and consume alcohol at home and in public (not in any authorized place), since there is no law that prohibits it. In these countries, children can have a drink in the comfort of their home at any age, but in public they are restricted.