Is flying fish sweet?

The night we dined there, we were presented with a basket of potato bread and butter. Flying Fish has a good bread service. It was fresh, hot, and flaky. One of the advantages of having four people at our table is that we were able to order one of each dessert on the menu.

In the past, none of the desserts seemed particularly memorable to me, but the lime cake with coconut and lime mousse, guava and tropical coulis caught my attention. I found it interesting that this was a plant-based dessert. It had that pleasant acidity you would expect from a lime dessert, and it simply had the nicest presentation that echoed the restaurant's marine theme. My husband ate the creamy goat cheesecake with honey glaze and cassis gel.

I had goat cheesecake on top of a fine pistachio cake. He said that the acidity of the goat cheese was remarkable, so it was a unique but very pleasant touch. My mother was very pleased, but she was intrigued by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Midnight Lemon, which was created in honor of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. It had fresh berries, crisp meringue, and sweet lemon.

It was a mousse-like dessert, and he discovered that the lemon was sweet and not sour, as described. He thought it was a light dessert perfect to complete his meal. Finally, my brother ordered the cacao brega with vanilla cream, chocolate Bavarois and crisp feuillentine. This was the most spectacular dish with the chocolate that was thrown on top of it when it was served on the table.

My brother isn't usually a fan of desserts, but he finished this one. He said it was definitely something for chocolate lovers. Go ahead and ruin your appetite with some slices of the tasty semolina and nori bread and brush them with some butter with sea salt. A popular starter is a soup made with blue crab in giant pieces, with a nice finish with a fresh tarragon cream.

I like that it lacks the sweetness and heavy cream commonly found in soup, and that the Flying Fish version is less rich and cloying. Instead, it's tart and earthy, and a splash of sherry by the table is optional. Overall, I would say that Flying Fish is still a solid option, with dishes as elegant as they are delicious and very attentive and pleasant service. A huge chandelier with glass bubbles and flying fish runs through the ceiling throughout the space.

Deep blue tones abound on the walls, fabric ceilings, and curtains and, hanging from the enameled ceiling, is an impressive bench of glass chandeliers shaped like fish and sea bubbles. Basically, this is the same dish that I would normally order at Flying Fish, but I really like it. Flying Fish's is primarily a seafood restaurant; however, the menu offers a wide selection of land and sea options. But he did notice that he also liked Flying Fish and that he wanted to eat there and see Juggling Jacks for his birthday.