The Best Beer for Every Occasion

When it comes to beer, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on the occasion, different types of beer can be the perfect choice. Our pick for the best beer overall is Peace Tree Blonde Fatale, a Belgian-style craft blonde that has the perfect balance of citrus, hops and sweetness. Mexican lagers are a warm climate classic, and Special Model is a shining example of what makes them great.

Bud Light Lime is an ideal way to refresh your taste buds when the temperature starts to rise. Victory Brewing Company's Prima Pils has an Outstanding Beer Advocate Rating and is a full-bodied lemon-pepper-flavored pilsner. Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA is a fusion of the traditional Indian Pale Ale and the light and sweet White Ale, making it the ideal beer to open the doors to craft beer revolution. Sierra Nevada is one of the founding fathers of the craft beer movement in the United States and has created a savory path followed by today's ingenious breweries.

Rye beers are super soft, starting with notes of grapefruit and hops that are balanced by caramel malt and spices that are characteristic of rye beers. Indian Pale Ale style was born in England, sending its pale beer to India with many hops that acted as preservatives in the 19th century. The high taste of this beer comes from the Madagascar vanilla bean, which helps to give a touch of creamy soda to the drink. Anchor Brewing first brewed its steam beer, also known as California Common, in San Francisco in 1896. Here For the Girls is a 5.2% ABV pink golden beer made with hibiscus flowers that is undoubtedly tasty.

English beer has been brewed since 1927 and is a must-see classic that you can count on when you see it on the menu. No matter what type of beer you choose, there is something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or something dark and savory, there's a beer out there for you.