How can i make sure my south african beer bread doesn't become too crumbly after baking it?

Let the white bread sit for at least an hour (two hours is best). The crust has trapped enough steam inside the bread to continue working its magic and create a big crumb. If you let the steam out too soon, all the bread will be drier. Whole wheat bread needs a little longer, so wait two to three hours if you can.

For most bread recipes, a pack of single-use active dry yeast (0.25 ounces) contains the perfect amount needed for a loaf of bread. All-purpose white flour has less gluten than white bread flour, which is designed to have the right amount of gluten that bread needs. To help solve the problem of bread being too crumbly, let's look at some things you can change in your favorite recipes. When using wholemeal flour, bread recipes often include white flour to increase gluten and make bread less dense.

If you place the bread inside before it reaches that goal, the bread may not rise properly and that also affects the crumb.