What is the flavor profile of flying fish beer or cider?

Flying Fish is a premium beer. With the first sip, the delicious flavor of pressed lemon or crushed orange is obtained and, just before swallowing it, the rich flavor of beer is brimming with it. The combination is absolutely phenomenal: it's exactly what Flying Fish consumers have been waiting for. For the first three months, Flying Fish soft drinks will be sold exclusively through Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay online and Bottles.

Unlike beer, which is made by fermenting malted grains, the alcohol content of hard soft drinks is a liquor derived from sugar cane. Made without additives, this beer has a pure golden color. German-style hops provide a crisp, clean finish. Flying Fish, which has traditionally focused on beer and cider drinkers with its flavored options, will be the first company to mass-produce carbonated beverages and distribute them through SAB's extensive network.

And while SAB believes that “the hard soft drinks category will be incredibly successful in South Africa”, Flying Fish is adopting a well-thought-out launch strategy to properly capture interest. This strong Belgian-style golden beer features a variety of ingredients and brewing methods that help differentiate Flying Fish beers. The popular flavored beer brand Flying Fish is launching a new range of fizzy drinks, which contain a combination of carbonated water and alcohol. A beautiful reddish color, a tasty malt profile and a pleasant hop flavor make this Fest beer very drinkable.

With a very light filter, the Grand Cru has a complex mouthfeel, strong malty flavors, a presence of spicy hops and a relaxing alcoholic warmth, followed by a clean, dry finish.